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HDD Sheriff

  1. Password forgotten
  2. External cannot be installed
  3. External Installation displays "The system cannot find the given path."
  4. Protection not working
  1. Question: Password forgotten

    Please contact our technical support, they will be able to generate a one time use password. There is no master password for the HDD Sheriff.

  2. Question: External cannot be installed

    Change the printer port settings in BIOS from normal to ecp - epp.

  3. Question: The External installation displays a message "The system cannot find the given path".

    Please download the following file "".

    P.S: Change to Supervisor mode with "F10". The included files are for the HDD Sheriff and not for the HDd Sheriff product.

  4. Question: Protection not working

    The backup file on the to be protected partition has not been properly created.

    When "Starting HDD Sheriff ...." appears press the "F10" key and enter your supervisor password. In the "Supervisor menu" under "Hard Drive configuration", use the space bar to create a new backup file. If you receive an error during creation, contact our tech support immediately.

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