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  • EyeView Demo Software

Try EyeView prior to buying, download the free test version.

Click on the displayed link to download the manager and client software - EyeView demo


  • First download the users manual (under manuals).
  • Download the zip file and unpack it onto your local drive.
  • Start the Master module. A unique number for each session will be generated for the connection between you and your partner. Please pass this information on to your partner,  at best per telephone.
  • Your partner should start the client module and input this number. The connection will be automatically setup.
  • The client must only accept the security statement to allow the computer requesting the connection to see his/her screen contents.  Mouse and keyboard control can also be shut off.
  • The client can press "F11" at anytime to terminate the session


  • HDD Sheriff 30 day demo software

Test it for yourself.

Senul HDD Sheriff Software

Try HDD Sheriff for 30 days free of charge.


  • Download the english manual and take the time to read it.
  • A system backup is recommended prior to installation.
  • Insert a disk into drive a: and unpack the zip file onto it, After completing you can begin the setup by clicking on the setup.exe file.
  • Please disable your virus scanner program during the installation otherwise the HDD Sheriff may not be able to create the required Master Boot Record entry.

    We strongly recommend you de-install HDD Sheriff before the 30 trial period expires.

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Download 30 Tage Testversion